Delineation of the responsibilities

Delineation of the responsibilities of traders and organizations providing logistics services to provide goods documents during delivery.

Obligations of the carrier

- Ensure adequate and safe transportation of assets to the designated destination on time.
- Giving the property to the rightful owner.
- Unless otherwise agreed, bear the costs of property transportation.
- Purchase civil liability insurance as required by law.
- To compensate the transport hirer if the carrier loses or damages the property unless otherwise agreed upon or required by law.

The rights of the carrier

- Verify the property, bill of lading, or other equivalent transport document's authenticity.
- Refuse to transport property that does not fit the description in the contract.
- Request that the transport hirer pay the full freight amount on time.
- Refuse to transport prohibited trading assets, as well as assets of a dangerous or toxic nature, if the carrier

Obligations of the shipping hirer 

- Pay the full freight to the carrier on time and in the manner agreed upon.
- Provide all necessary information about the transported property to ensure its safety.

- If agreed, look after the property while it is in transit. If the lessee takes care of the property but it is lost or damaged, no compensation will be provided.

Shipping hirer rights

- Request that the carrier transports the property to the agreed-upon location and time.
- Receive the rented property directly or appoint a third party to do so.
Liability for damages - If the property is lost or damaged, the carrier must compensate the lessee for the loss or damage.
- The shipping hirer is responsible for compensating the carrier and a third party for damage caused by dangerous and toxic properties that were not packed, as well as ensuring safety during transportation transfer.

- In the event of force majeure resulting in the loss, damage, or destruction of transported property during transportation, the carrier is not liable for compensation for damage, unless otherwise agreed upon or required by law. There are additional provisions.